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Ocean Shores

by Amanda Phillips

Last weekend I visited Ocean Shores with my grandparents for my grandmother’s birthday. It was a lovely weekend, both relaxing and beautiful.  We were there for about 24 hours, read books, played on the beach and I took many, many pictures.

We spent most of Saturday on the beach, with my grandparents in the morning and with a book and some ponies in the afternoon. As our focus was to spend as much time on the beach as possible, we didn’t explore the town of Ocean Shores area hardly at all, though I hear it is lovely. Rather, we had a splendid time enjoying the moodiness of Washington’s coast in September, while painting in the hotel room and laying on a blanket in layers of sweaters.

Normally when I travel, I like to post a trip report including summaries of our activities but in this instance, I think I will let the photos mostly speak for themselves.  Unlike other trips, I spent time just being. Staying in the same area without exploring led to a different type of adventure and I feel so lucky to have this weekend with family. Any weekend spent with my grandparents is a great one, but experiencing Washington’s coast and grandparents? There isn’t anything better.

The first moment that we arrived at the beach, my grandpa got out of the car and climbed this sand hill.


Can’t help but frolic in the sand.  While my grandpa climbed sand hills, the rest of us took off our shoes, my mom and sister frolicking in the surf and Michael climbing into the waves.



Ocean Shores is one of the beaches where you can drive your car directly on  the sand.  Grandparents made it down to the beach, and even got to stand in the sand!

There was a novelty shark store next to our hotel that sister had a lot of fun playing in.

Finally found a whole sand dollar at low tide.


Uncle Doug popped by to visit after finishing some fishing.  He had a beautiful Chinook in the cooler!

Rain started rolling in as we prepared to leave on Sunday.  First rain in a long time for Washington–we were grateful.

Listening to the waves.

So long.

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