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Backcountry Peanut Noodles

by Amanda Phillips

On our last backpacking trip, we made one of my favorite easy backcountry meals: peanut noodles.

This recipe uses the dehydrated vegetables from the previous post to make a carby-loaded backcountry staple a little more nutritious.  The recipe starts with a base of rice noodles, with some coconut powder and peanut butter for the sauce, plus some dehydrated vegetables. 

Peanut noodles
MSR whisper lite stove
Rice noodles for backcountry peanut noodles


Thai Kitchen rice noodle:  Regular rice noodles could be substituted, but I like the flavor packets that come with the Thai rice noodles.

Justin’s peanut butter: I have found this package to be the easiest to squeeze out.

Dehydrated vegetables

Coconut Milk Powder

Coconut Oil

Hot sauce: Siracha mixed with olive oil tends to be easiest to mix.  I use Judy Fu’s hot oil which is delicious but fairly difficult to find outside of Seattle.

I fill a small ziploc with dehydrated vegetables, with 2 tablespoons coconut milk powder. I find mixing the coconut powder with vegetables allows it to dissolve without clumping in the water.

Add 2 cups of water per package of rice noodles to a pot with the vegetables and coconut milk powder.  Bring the water to a boil then add the rice noodles and seasoning.  Allow the water to boil for two minutes then turn off the heat.  Apply the lid and leave the pot to sit for 4 minutes.  

Pour the noodles and broth into a bowl and add the coconut oil, hot sauce and peanut butter. I like to use coconut oil to add coconut flavor, but olive oil works great too, especially if you need a medium to hold siracha. You can add the peanut butter to the noodles in the pot, especially if you are eating out of the pot, but I find the peanut butter to be difficult to clean and would rather only clean it from one source.

Give it a good stir until the peanut butter and oil have dissolved and enjoy!

backcountry peanut noodles
Dehydrated peanut noodles
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