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by Amanda Phillips

Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world. -John Muir

My name is Amanda.  I started Every Two Pines to log my outdoor adventures, gear reviews, trail recipes, triumphs, and failures. I live in the Pacific Northwest and am a true weekend warrior, spending time outside when I am not working as a marine biologist.  I am passionate about backpacking, climbing, snowshoeing and hiking in the mountains and foothills of Washington state.

While I loved being outdoors as a kid, most of my time was spent on the beach rather than in the mountains. Working as a
marine biologist at sea fostered my love for the outdoors and type-two fun, but being on-call made it impossible to go off the grid and explore the backcountry with any regularity. After my positions aboard fishing boats and researching killer whales ended, and I landed a dream job researching rockfish, complete with free weekends. I was thrilled to head to the trailhead and explore more of Washington state by foot.  I love exploring new areas and learning more about my hobbies.  Each weekend I try to make up for lost time, and that propels me to the trail, rain or shine.

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