Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.

John Muir

Welcome to Every Two Pines – my adventure blog! My name is Amanda Phillips. I am an outdoor enthusiast currently in Seattle. Let’s explore together!

I started Every Two Pines to log my outdoor adventures, triumphs, and failures. Hailing from Seattle, I am a true weekend warrior spending time on the trails when I am not working as a marine biologist.  I am passionate about backpacking, climbing, snowshoeing and hiking in the mountains and foothills of Washington state.


While I loved being outdoors as a kid, most of my time was spent on the beach rather than in the mountains. Working as a marine biologist at sea fostered my love for the outdoors and type-two fun, but being on-call made it impossible to go off the grid and explore the backcountry with any regularity. After my positions aboard fishing boats and researching killer whales ended, and I landed a job researching rockfish, complete with free weekends. I was thrilled to head to the trails and explore more of Washington state by foot. And the adventure continues!

It became clear that spending time outdoors would change my life on a night prior to climbing Mt. St. Helens with my friend Meg. It was our first summer of hiking and the climb was ambitious, but not impossible. Still, I lay in the dark fully panicked about what the next day would bring. Forgoing hopes for a restful night, I climbed on top of a picnic table, watching stars fall from the sky and my fears fell away too.


The next day, the climb was difficult and I struggled to reach the top. When we finally looked into the crater, I burst into tears. I felt incandescently happy, full of peace and certain that every footstep was worth it. The feral beast in my head that roamed in the city, unable to settle was thrilled at the freedom in the mountains. A missing piece was found. With each further foray into the wilderness, I grew into the person I wanted to be. I made valuable connections to people and the lands I visited and came to understand my world in a way I had not been able to imagine before.


 My outdoor pursuits since then have echoed this moment over and over. Struggle, facing hard truths and then a moment of peace. Triumph, failure, joy and exaltation, despair, courage, and humility, all within 30 seconds. In the end, the answer is always the same: this is where I am meant to be.

Sharing this journey is important to me. I followed other adventurer’s pursuits before I gathered the courage to go on my own and try to pay it forward. Whether you are brand new to hiking or a seasoned adventurer, I hope the tutorials and trip reports serve as support and motivation. I love sharing the areas I care about in Washington and hope it sparks you to treasure the areas you care about as well.


I love talking to people about adventuring in all shapes and forms–please contact me with any questions or concerns! I would love to hear from you!

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