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Margaret Lake

by Amanda Phillips
Margaret Lake

The alarm rang a few hours after I had stumbled to bed and my hand shot out to snooze the insistent sound. After a few snooze iterations, I gave up and realized I would not be climbing to any magnificent vistas this morning. Dark grey clouds out my window only cemented this idea as I rolled over and gave back into sleep and my encroaching hangover. Burroughs Mountain at Mt. Rainier was out. But Margaret Lake on Snoqualmie Pass…


By the time I wandered out of my bedroom it was 9 am and the window for early morning epics had long sailed past. But part of my 2018 goals were to hike every weekend, even when it wasn’t a grand adventure. To find time in the little hours to get out, even if the mileage is short or the views less magnificent than what was coming through Instagram that morning. I decided to play with the idea of balance. I went to the farmers market across the street for a leisurely breakfast and grabbed a mushroom tart to eat on the trail. I packed my bag slowly and picked a destination that allowed for minimal driving, crowds and mileage, while still being something I was excited by. And I set off for Snoqualmie Pass at 12 on a Sunday for Margaret Lake.


When I was about 100 feet on the route, I knew I made the right choice. I had plenty of time to enjoy a sunny day next to a beautiful lake, and I was so glad I didn’t listen to the part of my brain whispering to just stay home, it isn’t worth the hassle. My comfort in hiking solo was increasing and strangely, this quick, little jaunt to a lake on Sunday felt more challenging than most of the epics we did this summer. Not physically, but mentally and forced me to rethink how I view my time and the ways I spend it. What more could you ask for from a lake?


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