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Marmot Pass

by Amanda Phillips
Man and Woman standing on hillside at sunset

When I realized we would be spending the Saturday of labor day weekend in Port Townsend, Marmot Pass began calling my name. Marmot Pass and Home Lake were the second place I ever backpacked and the first place I backpacked with both Meg and Michael. It holds an extra special place in my heart for that reason.

Despite the beautiful location and relative closeness, we had not returned since that inaugural trip. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to revisit a lovely location. I was curious if the trail would feel different after four summers of backpacking under my hip belt. I also worried that after seeing so many phenomenal places in Washington, this spot would feel smaller or less stunning.

I need not have worried. Marmot Pass remains spectacular and my love for backpacking has not diminished. I could easily return annually and not tire of these views. I don’t know how we picked such a great spot for a new to backpacking trip, but I am sure glad we did.

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Day 1: Marmot Pass