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2018 Goals

by Amanda Phillips

Now that we are nearly two weeks into January, I have had a bit of time to reflect and think about my goals for this year. 2017 was wonderful in so many ways, but it was not without its challenges. Some goals reflect things I did last year and want to continue developing, others are changes I hope to make from last year. So without further ado here are 2018’s outdoor goals.

Outdoor Goals

Overall Intention: Balance

If my overuse injuries taught me anything last year, it was the importance of balance. When I threw myself into climbing last January, neglecting everything else, and I quickly developed an injury to my elbow. Then when I switched my focus to running, sure enough, my shin splints came racing back. I love too many things to go extreme in any direction and am can be too enthusiastic when I throw myself into a new passion. I let go of dreams about being an extreme backpacker who can finish 30 miles in a day, I won’t be running around Mt. St. Helens in a 50k or crushing a v5 outside.

But balancing backpacking, hiking, climbing, bike riding, spending time with loved ones, and blogging has joy to it as well. Building a broad base of strength and skills will provide a foundation for future endeavors, and provide physical and mental resilience. So here is to 2018, a year of balance!

Camp in the snow:

Hopefully, this one will be complete after this weekend!

Hike in another region:

Eastern Washington? Idaho? Canada? Other countries? Not sure yet, but the goal is to hike or backpack outside of Western Washington. 

Do at least 2 multi-night backpacking trips:

We managed to do our first 2-night backpacking trip over the summer. It was spectacular, and I am hoping to do more this summer.

Outdoor boulder at least 4 times:

I managed to outdoor boulder twice last year and loved it. I would like to do a few more days at the crag this year. 

Visit Glacier Peak Wilderness:

We have been trying to do GPW for two years now, but it has been on fire every time our weekend rolls around. Crossing my fingers for a multi-night GPW extravaganza. 

Visit a hot spring:

I LOVE hot springs, yet have not managed to visit one in almost five years. Five years is five too many, and I am going to try to visit at least one this year. 

Visit 1 new National Park:

We have loved visiting our Washington national parks and I would love to see more. 

Keep up a regular yoga practice:

Now that we have moved to Ballard, I have a home yoga studio at Shakti Yoga. I am loving taking classes and hope to keep it up for 2018.

Climb once a week with the Never Stop Moving Crew:

This rad group of lady climbers are always inspiring and push me to be a better climber. 

Hike without overuse injuries:

Last year was filled with a lot of couch time trying to get my shins to heal. I have no mileage goals, difficulty goals or super ambitious goals after struggling to remain healthy last year. This year my primary goal is to hike often without pain!

Which leads me too…

The Hike 52 Challenge.

Woman snowshoeing in mountains while holding flag for hike 52 project

I am participating in the 52 hike challenge for the year of 2018. The program encourages people to complete 52 hikes in a year, roughly one a week.  I thought I would share a few of my motivations and what you can expect this year!

Why do it:

While I am already an avid hiker, sometimes I have a hard time motivating for smaller hikes. I have managed to embrace sub-24 backpacking and squeezing in overnight trips to the backcountry, yet balk at taking smaller, urban hikes when I can’t make it to the mountains. When I take a week off from hiking it often turns into a 48-hour weekend of sloth.  I hope to broaden my view of what is considered “a hike” and visit more trails like Discovery Park or Carkeek Park in Seattle when a 4-hour drive to the mountains isn’t realistic.

I also want to increase my frequency of hiking. We did 32 days of hiking last year, and I really like the idea of being on the trail weekly. I have become a bit of a fair-weather hiker lately, and I want to get back to hiking even when the conditions aren’t great. Having a schedule means that I am more likely to hike in the rain, something I enjoy from time to time!

Last year, we found introducing friends to outdoor activities to be richly rewarding. Hiking every week means I have many more opportunities to find new people to share a trail with.

Lastly, my shin splints tend to do best when I can regularly visit the trail. I have the worst flare-ups when I take a few weeks off then go really hard for one or two days out of a month. Regular trail-time spread out evenly over a month will hopefully make my legs stronger and decrease the chances of re-injury. 

We finished hike #1 on January 1st, at Source Lake. Hike #2 and #3 are in the queue this weekend at Mt. Rainier National Park!

Let me know if you are participating in the Hike 52 challenge in the comments! I would love to hear about your motivation for starting and how it is going. Tell me about your outdoor goals for 2018!

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