Avalanche Awareness for Beginners

Learn about avalanche awareness in Washington

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Building an adventurous life informed by curiosity, courage and environmental stewardship:
one hike at a time.

I started Every Two Pines to log my outdoor adventures, triumphs, and failures. Hailing from Seattle, I am a weekend warrior spending time on the trails when I am not working as a marine biologist.  I am passionate about backpacking, climbing, snowshoeing and hiking from the tidelands to the high alpine in Washington state.

Sharing this journey is important to me. I followed other adventurer’s pursuits before I gathered the courage to go on my own and try to pay it forward. Whether you are brand new to hiking or a seasoned adventurer, I hope this site serves as support and motivation. I love sharing the areas I care about in Washington and hope it sparks you to treasure the areas you care about as well.