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Friday Links No.5

by Amanda Phillips
Friday Links No.5

Photo of the week: was really excited to find a small rabbit at my lunch spot this week. 


Happy Friday everyone! I am spending the day prepping for a trip to Leavenworth to do some bouldering with some friends tomorrow.  It is supposed to be 90°F, so I am hoping to jump in an icy stream and do some swimming.  I hope you all have some fun plans for the weekend as well!


This video has been making the internet rounds for good reason.  It is fun, silly and shows some badass women doing some badass things.  Every time I watch it I get pumped up, especially after the all lady climbing day I did recently (trip report next week!). The stoke is strong my friends! Make sure to have the volume on–the soundtrack makes it!

This video is not exactly new, but I loved watching it this week.  The shots were stunningly beautiful, and there is always a little part of me that wishes I were on the PCT right now.  Given all of the issues PCT’ers are having in the Sierras right now, it is comforting to watch someone have a successful trip, especially when it comes in this pretty of a package.  Also–I think it might be a beautiful hiking video?


There have been many articles recently on women’s gear with REI’s new force of nature campaign, but I loved this Wired story giving the campaign some context. Women’s gear has existed in many outdoor sports for decades and the axiom Pink it and Shrink it has applied to both gear and apparel.  What I loved about Wired’s take and the way I have been most frustrated with women’s gear, is that usually, only the intro-level things are gendered.  Technical gear for moving beyond the beginner’s stage is almost always unisex, which usually means designed for men and women could probably use it too… The message that sent to women was that they could enjoy the sport at a beginner level, but the boys will be the experts. Simultaneously advertising that extreme technical gear is needed for excellence in a sport, but only providing technical gear for men caused problems beyond simply a lack of gear, it sent a message that women don’t belong in this arena.  It is great to see that being addressed.

On a lighter note, I also enjoyed Adventure Journal’s article on Bob and Ira Spring, by Abbie Barronian.  For fellow Washingtonians, it is a pleasant read about some of the leading founders in outdoor recreation.



This podcast from Outside Magazine about kayaking in Greenland.  It was so outside of my daily realm that I enjoyed the escapism.


Have a great weekend!


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