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Friday Links No.4

by Amanda Phillips
Friday Links No.4

Photo of the week: View of the space needle from a kayak on Lake Union

Hope everyone is gearing up for an excellent Memorial Day weekend!  Still no backpacking for me, but I am heading to the Olympic Peninsula to sit on a sunny dock, read, canoe and relax.


Fleet Foxes – Fool’s Errand from Sean Pecknold on Vimeo.

So excited for a new Fleet Foxes album and the music video is outdoorsy (+ rad dancing!).


This week has been a rough one with lots of shin-related doctor appointments and I was not in the mental space to read the heavy articles about Sherpa ethics on Everest or disappearing glaciers.  Semi-Rad’s article on how awesome dogs are was the perfect antidote.  Discovering Ben Moon (of excellent dog movie Denali) has a new pup, and that new pup has an Instagram, really made me ready to have an adventure pup of my own.  For now, living vicariously through pups on Instagram will have to do.


The Out There podcast’s recent episode The Reluctant Outdoorsman was an interesting listen for me; I related strongly to some sections and felt completely opposite to others. While I was a recently a beginner outdoorswoman (I only started spending time on trails in 2014) I always felt like I belonged in that space.  The outdoors are one of the few places that I never have imposter syndrome because I have always seen it as a journey.  The individuals I saw doing way more intense activities were inspiring and I never felt like there wasn’t room for me too.  There are many additional factors this episode does not get into, including race and gender issues, but I enjoyed it as a starting point.

Have you ever felt like an imposter outdoors? Has it changed your relationship to interacting with the wild?


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