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Friday Links No.2

by Amanda Phillips
Friday Links No.2

Photo of the week: View of Mount Rainier from the Bremerton ferry. 


After last weekend’s science march, it was disappointing to see the immediate attack on the environment led by Donald Trump to roll back protection for public lands.  In honor of Bear’s Ears, and other public lands here are a few videos to inspire you to keep up the good fight.  They helped me channel the disappointment and doom into a productive anger by reigniting my love for our wild places.

Defined by the Line: A Film About the Fight to Protect Bears Ears from Patagonia on Vimeo.

The Beauty of Bears Ears – Celebrating the New Monument from Friends of Cedar Mesa on Vimeo.


On last Friday’s links, I shared a story about frustrations surrounding the REI’s new women’s campaign ( Actual Empowerment Doesn’t Matter You Can Buy it at an REI Near You”).  This week, I wanted to share an alternate view, from an interview of REI’s director of integrated marketing Laura Swapp and senior vice president of merchandising Susan Viscon by Adventure Journal.   This interview covers REI’s goals with its current women’s focused marketing strategy, and sheds more insight into the role that the REI foundation plays in the Force of Nature initiative.

As a woman using women’s gear, I loved this sentiment from Viscon.

We worked with teams and said we want you to make tech pieces for women but only for women, not just make a female companion to a men’s boot but come at it as if you were only making it for women. Instead of thinking “I have a men’s product, how do I make it a women’s?” think about making it from the ground up.


I listen to the Enormocast immediately every time there is a new episode.  The episodes have a familiar cadence to them and it is one of my ultimate de-stressors.  You have to really enjoy spray about rock climbing to listen to every episode, however, this week’s episode interviewing Erik Weihenmayer was phenomenal and enjoyable for non-climbers as well.  Erik is an accomplished mountaineer and outdoor adventurer who has been blind since the age of 13.  Listening to his approach to the outdoors and long list of achievements allows this episode to cross outside of the typical rock climbing niche and into general listening.  I listened to the full episode on my run this week and it made the mileage fly by.

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