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Neah Bay Ocean Playlist

by Amanda Phillips
Neah Bay Ocean Playlist

Last weekend we made our way to Neah Bay for our first backpacking trip of the year at Shi Shi beach and Point of Arches, stay tuned for a trip report soon.  Neah Bay is on the Northwestern tip of Washington and between side detours in Silverdale, Port Angeles, and a ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge, our drive clocked in at 7 hours.  It inspired me to make some playlists for the long drive down windy coastal roads in the Pacific Northwest; the first is an ocean-themed playlist. It is only about an hour worth of songs, so you will have to supplement if driving to Neah Bay, but it is difficult to listen to 5 hours of ocean-themed songs, so the length is probably appropriate.

The drive was filled with spring storms, moody clouds, and a windy, angry ocean, so the vibe tends to lean more towards Okkervil River’s Mermaid song with questionable intentions towards mythical sirens and less towards the Beach Boys.  Surf playlists are for summer days on the coast when the sun won’t stop shining and the air smells like coconut and the Pacific Northwest in April is a darker sea indeed.

Hope you enjoy! Share any favorite seaworthy songs in the comments and I will add it to the playlist!

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