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Friday Links no.1

by Amanda Phillips
Friday Links no.1

Photo of the week: Bald Eagle on a Madrona near Quilcene, WA during a herring egg survey. 


Watching this short video earlier this week was inspiring and beautiful, but also got me really excited to head to the Olympic National Park this weekend to do some coastal backpacking.

The Blind Hike from Alex Horner on Vimeo.

Via Adventure Journal


I have been feeling a little conflicted about REI’s new women’s campaign.  I am all for women-focused gear and portraying more women in outdoor media, however, some of REI’s campaign feels like I am being pandered to without affecting real change.  I am excited to see how the campaign plays out, and I hope my fears are unfounded.  I appreciated reading Erin Monahan’s Essay Actual Empowerment Doesn’t Matter You Can Buy it at an REI Near You” about REI’s campaign.



Speaking of women in the outdoors, I have been enjoying Outside Podcast’s XX series about women adventurers. The latest episode, XX Factor: A Woman’s Place Is On Top, was particularly great and I was inspired to learn more about Arlene Blum. Badass awesome lady, certainly worth a listen.


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